Truly Identical AMP
At the base of the Ampify Development Plaform sits a powerful html to AMP conversion mechanism.

However it needs you steer it...
Conversion Instructions
To create truly identical AMP pages, you will use the development platform to write conversion instructions.
The instructions guide the converter in respect to dynamic elements and design adjustments.

Example Dynamic elements:
Click on hamburger icon → open menu,
When reaching bottom → prompt endless scroll

Design Adjustments:
Make header bar sticky,
Resize image
Manual or SaaS deployment
When your site/pages are ready we support multiple deployment options:

Manual deployment of your AMP pages.
SaaS deployment - Ampify automatically Ampifies all your pages and keeps them up to date.
Write your first instruction
If you know basic jQuery, you know how to write instructions.

To convert your first page, download Ampify DevTool:


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